Smith Schafer Hospitality Client

Case Study

Harbor View Cafe – Red Wing, MN

Smith Schafer is proud of our clients. Our success is the direct result of our client’s success. We are a community-oriented public accounting and business consulting firm offering a thoughtful advisory relationship to business and individual clients. Our deep bench of local, experienced professionals in Rochester, the Twin Cities and Red Wing result in high-value results and loyal relationships. Smith Schafer has been a leader in accounting for the Hospitality Industry for more than 45 years.


Below is a case study of how we have helped one on our Red Wing hospitality clients – Ruth Stoyke, Owner, Harbor View Cafe.


Q: Ruth, it has been a busy year for the Harbor View Cafe – tell us what you have been up to:

A: Yes! We are a seasonal restaurant – open from mid-March to mid-November. We are known for our homemade bread and eclectic food. We make EVERYTHING from scratch. We do not have a microwave or deep fryer – everything is fresh. So this is very time consuming, but well-worth our efforts.


Q: How did you end up at Harbor View Cafe?

A: I have worked at the restaurant since 1990 and bought Harbor View Cafe in 2005.


Q: How long has Harbor View Cafe worked with this Smith Schafer?

A: The restaurant has worked with the Firm for over 35 years.


Q: If you could give someone relatively new to your industry any advice or tips, what would that be?

A: Be organized and keep good records. It is important to have a good team of people surrounding you from the start – a CPA, banker and lawyer.


Q: Of all the projects Smith Schafer has done, what has made the most difference for you?

A: Everything. Smith Schafer’s staff communicate well and promptly return my phone calls. They are easy to work with and explain things in terms I understand – accounting is not my expertise. They are professional, efficient and I completely trust their work.


Q: What are the most important reasons you stay with Smith Schafer?

A: We will not switch. Smith Schafer has been with us the entire length of this restaurant. The previous owners worked with them and when I bought it in 2005, I knew we would stay with them. They really know my business well. They are conveniently located for us and have long history and positive reputation in the community.


Harbor View Cafe offers food, wine and beautiful views from their location on Lake Pepin, Wisconsin. Their hours are seasonal and are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Check out their website for more details: