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“I develop an understanding of the client’s business needs and expectations and building on the relationship by providing quality and timely services.”

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  1. Live Webinar: Revenue Recognition & Leasing Standards Affecting Nonprofits

    October 1 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
  2. Tax Planning & Retirement Strategies for Businesses

    October 17 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am
  3. Breakfast & Business Seminar

    December 3 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Why Clients Choose Us

“I have worked with Smith Schafer directly and indirectly since 1979. I’ve always felt comfortable and confident in the work they do. Smith Schafer knows the law, the regulations and the rules that support our business.”

 - Bruce Dischinger, former VP & COO | Minnesota Coaches Group

“Smith Schafer’s thorough internal audit of our processes and systems was a critical factor in helping our organization move forward with a decision to purchase practice management and medical records software. We purchased the software more than two years ago and have successfully managed the issues that Smith Schafer pointed out in the audit.”

 - Brad Lohrbach, Executive Director | Family Service Rochester

“When Smith Schafer puts their name on something, you know it’s right. They’re honest. Anything that comes out of that firm is done at an A+ level.”

 - Steve Staats, COO/CFO | Hiawatha Homecare

“I have a sense of trust and comfort with Smith Schafer. Reliability is a strong value for them along with honesty and integrity.”

 - Jo Reinhardt, CEO/President | Industrial Louvers, Inc.

“When Smith Schafer makes recommendations or lays out our options, I am always confident that their analysis of the situation is thorough and correct. They don’t shoot from the hip.”

 - Brad Lohrbach, Executive Director | Family Service Rochester

“We had a three-year, random tax audit for our largest company, and in the end we owed a very insignificant amount for a three-year period.  I believe that our clean, professional, and detailed accounting methods, along with advice/oversight from Smith Schafer (including having their people walking the State through the audit), are the main reasons we always come out well.”

 - Bruce Dischinger, former VP & COO | Minnesota Coaches Group

“Smith Schafer takes care of my needs on a personal and professional level.  They prepare my personal returns, the returns for a couple other partnerships, as well as our corporate returns. When I have personal investing or tax questions, or needs for the business, they answer my questions or concerns with sound advice and don’t send me off on tangents or into risky ventures uninformed. They have always been available to discuss my needs.”

 - Jo Reinhardt, CEO/President | Industrial Louvers, Inc.

“Since 1995, we have been approached by other CPA firms and have occasionally put our audit out to bid, but Smith Schafer is always the one we choose. They understand the complexities of our business, and their professionalism is outstanding.”

 - Brad Lohrbach, Executive Director | Family Service Rochester

“We made a small company acquisition. Smith Schafer did a great job with the analysis, helping look at how the financials appeared on paper versus how they likely would have appeared as a part of our operations…it was a smooth process and a comfortable one in spite of a short timeline. We closed with all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed and were confident in the results.”

 - Bruce Dischinger, former VP & COO | Minnesota Coaches Group

“The Smith Schafer team has always treated me with respect and consideration. They provide me with high-level services at competitive and fair rates.”

 - Mark Faris, Founder & President | MVP Ethics & MVP Chauffeur Services

“Smith Schafer offers absolutely consistent service. I have no reason to go anywhere else.”

 - Jo Reinhardt, CEO/President | Industrial Louvers, Inc.

“With their three office locations, Smith Schafer has diverse expertise. They are able to lay out different scenarios. They have the ability to be advisors versus other accountants who just spit out tax returns.”

 - Paul Siewert, President | Siewert Construction/Star Realty

“Over the last few years we’ve taken more of the basic accounting work and financials in-house and used Smith Schafer at a higher level of analysis. We are getting professional, sophisticated oversight and advice that helps us move forward and manage growth.”

 - Bruce Dischinger, former VP & COO | Minnesota Coaches Group

“Locally there is no one that has as many resources as Smith Schafer. Even though we work with the Red Wing office, we have access to the entire Smith Schafer team in their other locations.”

 - Steve Staats, COO/CFO | Hiawatha Homecare

“I am not interested in cutting corners. When it comes to taxes, I want to pay my fair share and keep the skeletons out of the closet. Smith Schafer has always been honest and upfront about what needs to be done. They are very straightforward.”

 - Paul Siewert, President | Siewert Construction/Star Realty

“We’ve grown to a 200-employee business. Smith Schafer keeps up on the state and IRS regulations for us so we don’t have to do that internally. This allows us to focus on what we do best for our clients, families and employees.”

 - Steve Staats, COO/CFO | Hiawatha Homecare

“Smith Schafer really knows our business well. They are professional, prompt and communicate well. I can tell them things in confidence and trust they’ll keep it that way.”

 - Ruth Stoyke | Owner, Harbor View Cafe

“I have worked with Smith Schafer for 10 years. They consistently provide a high-level of service and attention to detail. I couldn't be more pleased!”

 - Mark Faris, Founder & President | MVP Ethics & MVP Chauffeur Services

“History with Al Schafer since 1991 and now service with Jason Boynton. The proactive changes with electronic communications and tax return access is much better than the paper format of the past.”

 - Frederick Banfield

“It is a pleasure to do business with an accounting company that shares the same work ethic, responsibility, care and customer service as the company whom they are preparing the financials for...”

 - John Warian | Press Sure Printing, Inc.

“Excellent service matched with quality work and great people.”

 - Tom Getzke | Minnesota Builders Exchange

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