Our Commitment

to minnesota Communities

Our local community work.

Smith Schafer is very proud of our team’s involvement in their communities. Our leadership encourages staff to dedicate their time and talents to give back to their community. We offer programs to inspire an environment of learning, giving and supporting.

Every year, we organize multiple fundraisers for our staff to give back to the local communities. Team members participate in internal office events to raise money, such as a chili cook-off, bingo, photo guessing contests and so much more! Our 2019 Charitable Giving campaign raised $11,700! We also volunteered to clean up a local park and rake leaves for those in need.


“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller


Smith Schafer strives to be a paperless firm, recycling stations are available throughout the offices and other green initiatives drive us towards greater efficiency and awareness in our operations.



Smith Schafer has a fundamental dedication to giving back and supporting local causes. From our Principals to our young professionals, our culture encourages staff to be ACTIVE in the community. We strive to hire candidates who share our philosophy and desire to help their community. 


Smith Schafer strives to show our appreciation and dedication year-round to our clients. 

“When it comes to client relationships, Smith Schafer’s belief has always been, shop with clients who do business with us,” Managing Principal, Steve Erchul, stated.

To encourage our employees to honor this motto, we created the Client Loyalty Program. The purpose of the program is to actively encourage staff to purchase goods and services from clients and to reward them for doing so. Each month, our staff members submit their receipts in order to receive an entry into a prize drawing. The more times they choose to shop with our clients, the more times they are entered into the drawing. One winner is chosen every month and receives a Visa gift card.

We are excited to report that in 2018, our staff has spent over $213,772 with our clients!

Smith Schafer is honored to be alongside other Minnesota companies as part of the Minnesota Keystone Program.

The Minnesota Keystone Program  promotes corporate philanthropy by recognizing companies that donate at least 2 percent of their pre-tax earnings to charitable organizations. The Smith Schafer team is dedicated to upholding and supporting community initiatives.