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Minnesota Manufacturing Accounting Services.

As you push your shop floor to run faster, leaner and more efficiently, you need people who can help you apply the same principles to your business office. In today’s competitive environment, manufacturers need to have good systems in place to monitor and control all phases of their operations. How can we help your manufacturing business plan for the future?

We work with approximately 100 Minnesota manufacturing companies helping them grow with accounting and consulting solutions.

Our Client Survey Results

  • Net Promoter Score 83.9% 83.9%

Average NPS score in the accounting industry – 38%

  • Understanding of Client Needs 92% 92%
  • Delivers High-quality, Error-free Work 94% 94%

We understand the industry and what keeps you up at night

Inventory Cost


Shortage on Materials & Parts

Planning for growth & expansion

Labor Issues

Staying in Compliance with laws & regulations

Cash flow & Forecasting

Maximizing Profit Margins

specialized manufacturing industry services

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Why Manufacturing Clients Choose Us

“Smith Schafer is always looking out for our best interest, and we have developed a very trusting and personal relationship. They are patient and forthcoming when dealing with my questions or concerns. Smith Schafer is a solid choice for our company.

 – Novak Hydraulics & Machining

“The interactions I have had personally with Smith Schafer professionals have always been fantastic and other employees within my company have had the same experience.

 – LitinPak

“We have been looking for an accountant that could understand what we do. We found them!

 – Trax Automation

“Trusting relationship. Smith Schafer understands the needs of our business.”

 – Innovative Tools & Technologies

Manufacturing Industry Resources

The Process of Analyzing Overhead

The Process of Analyzing Overhead

Analyzing overhead is a critical process that businesses undertake to optimize cost efficiency and ensure effective resource allocation. Overhead costs consist of a wide range of non-direct expenses incurred during the production or operation of goods and services.

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Our client satisfaction is exceptional, as demonstrated by our 96.4% satisfaction rate.

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