Worried about multi-state tax compliance? Be sure.

Nexus rules are expanding and creating tax liability for businesses in states where they previously did not exist. Multi-state sales, a storage facility, a salesperson across state lines or even out-of-state use of a trademark can create a nexus triggering event in the eyes of state taxing authorities. If you are not up to speed on all the changing and new state tax laws, it can put your company at risk for penalties and interest charges on unpaid tax liabilities – potentially in multiple states.

Smith Schafer & Associates works with Minnesota businesses in multiple industries to identify where such tax liabilities exist through nexus determination studies. By identifying a company’s potential nexus creating activities, our tax professionals will evaluate these activities considering each state’s laws, recent court decisions and other guidance.  Where nexus exists, we can help file the necessary returns or advise on how to disclose a liability where voluntary disclosure or amnesty programs are available.



  • Evaluation of Multi-State Business Activities
  • Physical and Economic Nexus Review
  • Identification of Nexus Creating Activities
  • Determination of State and Local Connection
  • Voluntary Disclosure and Amnesty Program Consultation
  • Multi-State Tax Filing and Planning




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