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“I have worked with Smith Schafer directly and indirectly since 1979. I’ve always felt comfortable and confident in the work they do. Smith Schafer knows the law, the regulations and the rules that support our business.”

Bruce Dischinger, Former VP & COO of Minnesota Coaches Group

With a hiring shortage, rising fuel costs and increased competition challenging the transportation industry, the knowledge and experience of your CPA makes a difference. Transportation businesses, including trucking, school bus, motor coach and aircraft, often face complex challenges not encountered in other industries. Managing the demands of a large fleet including drivers, safety and compliance, and the maintenance of new trucks and other equipment can be quite complicated. To stay competitive, transportation companies need look for every advantage possible to win new business, reduce expenses and increase service levels.

Our industry experts stay on top of changing trends and leverage years of experience, relationships, and continuing education. Smith Schafer’s transportation specialization allows us to stay on the leading edge of industry developments, regulations and opportunities, and permits us to efficiently and effectively provide services tailored to our client’s needs. A CPA who understands your business and the industry can act as a valuable consultant on items such as succession planning, business valuations, bookkeeping and much more. This level of specialization makes us uniquely qualified to provide the high-quality services that our transportation industry clients expect and deserve to receive.

Why a CPA?

CPAs are trusted professionals offering high-level analysis and long-view recommendations encompassing every detail of a financial picture. CPAs have passed a rigorous examination and have met high standards of education. The American Institute of CPAs works to protect the public interest and the organization certifies these individuals are able to perform their duties in a professional manner. The CPA designation is extremely difficult to acquire and is a way for the financial industry to identify the right people to handle important financial matters.

A CPA professional working with the transportation industry should be fully immersed in the arena. There is no substitute for industry-specific knowledge and understanding. Whether it’s negotiating fuel surcharges or dealing with leasing sales tax and fleet maintenance, Smith Schafer has the experience and understanding of the transportation industry to make a lasting positive difference in your future success. Our Transportation Group, comprised of numerous professionals, is committed to serving over 110 Minnesota transportation entities. Partner with an experienced team of CPAs to help you create saving opportunities both now and in the future.